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*** ICE2SEEYOU has joined
<ICE2SEEYOU> Hey, you've reached Molly Carpenter, somehow related to the other wizard for hire.
<ICE2SEEYOU> Please leave a message at the beep. Thanks!
<ICE2SEEYOU> Beeeeep!
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[Molly's been feeling a bit off, lately. Maybe it's due to the fact that she has to spend Christmas away from her family in a weird smushed together city. Or maybe it's because she hasn't seen Thomas since she arrived. That isn't the point, though -- the point is, she's activated the PCD to say something, intent on asking if there's any place she could find more warm clothes.

But a few seconds after the PCD turns on, Molly freezes and goes pale and stiff, then sits carefully on her bed. She takes a deep breath, and another, but it doesn't do a thing to calm her down. In fact, she starts shaking, but has enough presence of mind to grab a blanket and wrap it around her shoulders.]

Ow. [Then she closes her eyes and worries at her lip a bit, before fumbling with the PCD to turn it off.]
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[The PCD has apparently turned on in Molly's pocket as she's out exploring -- for a moment or two, all that can be heard is the sound of her walking. Then, she stops, quiet and staring for a moment, until there's the sound of something lunging for her, and a soft breath from Molly.]

Oh shit oh shit oh shit I'm too young to get eaten.

[She digs in her pocket, pulls out the PCD and tosses it aside, where it settles on Molly, wand at the ready, facing off against a parasite in the distance. She grits her teeth for a moment or two, then mutters a quiet word in Japanese, and a fireball goes shooting towards the creature. However, fire and defensive magic aren't exactly her strong suit, so the fireball promptly gets bigger and bigger, until it peters out a short distance away from the parasite. Molly curses quietly and closes her eyes, and to all appearances, disappears after a moment or two. The parasite quickly loses interest and leaves. When she's sure it's safe, Molly drops the veil and tentatively picks up the PCD and pokes at it, shaking her head. She looks a little sooty and singed, but otherwise unharmed, if slightly tired.]

Dammit. You guys weren't supposed to see that. Sorry.
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[The camera focuses on Molly, who is looking at one of the derelict buildings somewhere near the clinic. It is not as bad as most of the buildings in Adstring, it looks like a home that was once very much loved, and has now been forgotten. Molly is quiet, in her own little world, unaware that the PCD is even on. She stares at the house for a long moment or two, then bites her lip and looks away.

She turns towards the general direction of the camera, and her face looks as though her heart's been broken, stomped on, and generally ripped into small pieces. Eventually she sees the PCD, notices the light running, and picks it up. When she finally says something, there is no trace of the turmoil on her face in her voice, only a slight waver.]

So. Who wants to point me towards an apartment or something?
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[The voice on the PCD sounds a little tinny and staticy, as if it's music playing from a radio station that you can't quite get reception from. There is no picture, though the video function should be working, only a haze of static. The speaker smacks the PCD a time or two, and the picture flickers on to reveal what would be a stunningly gorgeous girl with long, dark purple hair, if she weren't so skinny and dressed in what appears to be rags. She looks half-starved, and her eyes are shadowed and a little annoyed as she scowls at the screen. When she speaks, her words are broken up by bursts of static. What? Tech doesn't work well with wizards.]

This better --kshhh-- one of your tricks -- kshhh-- don't have time for your stupid games.

[She smacks the PCD again with an irritated sigh, and the picture blacks out.] Can --kshhh-- me what happened to Chicago?


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